mercredi 27 novembre 2013

8 Award Worthy Headphones You’ll Love To Own

The ‘Stuff Gadget Awards’ is due soon and the worthy nominees for the headphone category are lined up! Suffice to say that the lineup consists of the best of the best that were launched this year. Here’s your sneak peek into the top ranking headphones that made the cut:

B&W P3: Bowers and Wilkins’ P3 is a definite improvement on their first launch, the P5. They are more portable, more glamorous and surprisingly strong. The foldable design with the carry case makes it an ideal choice for music lovers.

AKG K451: The AKG K451 combines quality, portability and style in one cute, foldable pair of headphones. The lightweight headphones with soft ear pads provide an extremely comfortable listening experience. The added in line remote control and microphone simply serve to sweeten the deal.

SONY XBA-4IP: Undoubtedly one of Sony’s best creations, these tiny powerhouses of sound are top of the range in-ear phones that squeeze in four miniature drivers into a single device. The resulting sound quality is crisp, detailed and thrilling to listen to.

SOL REPUBLIC MASTER TRACKS: Sol Republic’s on- ears headphones are practically indestructible – and while a tough kit rarely looks and sounds good, we're pleased to report that the Master Tracks deliver on both scores, with punchy sound and a pleasingly luxurious finish.

BOSE AE2W: Bose’s first wireless headphones came outfitted with a removable Bluetooth dongle, and the signature Triport "acoustic structure" which is typical to Bose headphones. The three small cups, which make up the Triport acoustic structure, deliver lifelike sound for a better listening experience.

SENNHEISER MOMENTUM: The Sennheiser Momentum headphones have a smooth and balanced design with a luxurious bronze finish. The leather headbands are comfortable while adding a very classy look to the device. And while there is no noise cancellation feature included, it still manages to isolate nicely for sharper sound effects.

BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 20: The anodized aluminum housed speaker is one of the best sounding portable Bluetooth A2DP speakers. The QC20 in-earphones feature Bose's StayHear+ tips that not only stay fitted but also offer passive noise cancellation. Coupled with active equalization that makes for stunning sound.

BEATS STUDIO: Like all Beats Electronics products, the Studio headphones are as much a fashion item as a sound device. It has a built-in noise cancelling technology and comes equipped with rechargeable batteries. The design contains lighter materials, increased strength, and improved flexibility and provides a balanced sound output.