vendredi 1 novembre 2013

DIY human cyborg biohacks his own body with circadia implant

imagine a future of cyborgs, where people are capable of augmenting and monitoring their bio-telemetry via an external interface or smartphone on-the-go. biohacker tim cannon has done just that by implanting a device he has designed known as circadia into his forearm. circadia is a computer capable of recording and transmitting biometric data to android-powered devices. conceived with the help of the team from grindehouse wetware, the cyborg transformation has given cannon full access to his body’s biometric data in real-time.

‘I think that our environment should listen more accurately and more intuitively to what’s happening in our body,’ explains cannon. ‘if, for example, I’ve had a stressful day, the circadia will communicate that to my house and will prepare a nice relaxing atmosphere for when I get home.’ unlike other wearable tech like nike’s fuelband bracelet, the open-source device gives the user full control of how data is collected and used. communications for now include body temperature readings, which are enabled via bluetooth and an internet connection.
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