mercredi 27 mars 2013

Battlefield 4: Even in single-player multiplayer elements provided - your opinion?

Battlefield 4 also uses the single player elements of the multiplayer mode. What was mentioned in the press release already, can now also be seen live in the gameplay video: While the players in the campaign on the road, he sees status overlays on the achievements of other players. Details for "Connected Single Player" are not known.

Battlefield 4 uses like all new EA games the Online-/DRM-Service Origin. So far so good. What was not an issue but so far: In single player you could if necessary in offline mode play undisturbed. That will change with apparently Battlefield fourth EA / DICE have announced not only that you want to offer multiplayer design elements such as the commanding of squad members in single player. The press release also mentions that the social aspects of multiplayer in single player play a role. Specifically, the success of the player will be listed - and you clearly see the other players. This is the campaign for a "friendly" competition aspect accumulate.

What this looks like in practice, one can see in the seventeen minute trailer for the fourth part of the Battlefield series by Electronic Arts. In the video you can see in the upper right corner several overlays to achievements of other players, for example, at 2:40 minutes. That would be a clear sign of an online constraint in single player mode. It is not clear whether this Connected Single Player, the example Cevat Yerli has already brought to the table , optional or mandatory. In the latter case a permanent internet connection would be required. Open to what's Achievements are displayed. The obvious would be the Origin friends list.

Background on Battlefield 4

Publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed in July 2012, a beta for Battlefield 4 for the autumn 2013. The release should then also the end of 2013 go on the stage, if you look at the schedule in Battlefield 3. Who strikes at Medal of Honor Limited Edition and the Warfighter buys, which may participate in the closed beta of Battlefield fourth More tells you not natural. Whether there will be a new Frostbite engine for Battlefield 4 is still open. One can probably assume that the Frostbite 2 engine is only slightly refreshed. More about Battlefield 4 there on our topic page.